WAL18 daily hashtags and weekly themes

The Marching Forward WiP-Along has begun and things are off to a great start, with a few people having finished WiPs already! (I’m not one of those people…)

For some of you, just working your way through your WiP list will be more than enough to be going on with. Others may enjoy having other things to focus on along the way, so here are a couple of things which may help you do just that.

Each weekday one of our fabulous hosts will be overseeing a daily hashtag:

Carrie (who actually likes Monday mornings!) will kick the week off with Move It Monday, motivating us to get on with our WiPs. She’ll also be reminding us of the weekly theme (see below).

Birgit is taking care of Tricky Tuesday, helping us tackle those slightly problematic aspects of our WiPs – giving you a chance to jump in with any advice you can offer!

Charlie will host WiP Wednesday, a time to share what you’re still working on and encourage others to keep going with their WiPs.

Sam is overseeing Thriving Thursday, when we can share the things that are working out really well and celebrate those successes!

And Hannah is managing Finished Object Friday – either sharing goals we’ve met or WiPs we’ve completed that week.

In addition to the daily hashtags, there will also be a different theme each week. This gives us a chance to share both past and current projects. Each week one of the hosts will create a collage (or two) rounding up the week. For a chance to be featured, make sure you use the hashtag so we can find you!

1st – 4th March we’re starting with a mini-theme, sharing WiP-Lists in all their glorious forms! I’ll be posting a couple of collages on Sunday 4th March celebrating the start of our WiP-Along.

5th – 11th March is Rainbows week, hosted by the wonderfully colourful Hannah!

12th – 18th March Charlie will be inviting you to share the tools of your trade, the things that you just can’t work without.

19th – 25th March is Inspiration week, hosted by Birgit and giving you the chance to share who or what inspires you to be creative.

26th March – 1st April we’re rounding off the month with a celebration of our favourite ever projects, hosted by Sam. And, because it’s Easter weekend, Carrie will be doing a round up of Easter Makes.

Now, seeing it all written down like that seems like a whole lot to get involved with! But everything is entirely optional – join in with things every day or just as and when you have time. And most of all, have fun!

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