WiP Tips – WAL18

It can be a daunting task sorting through all those WiPs and deciding what to work on. So the fabulous hosts have come up with a few tips that will hopefully help the choosing process a little easier, plus a few extra tips to help you keep going during the WiP-Along. So, in no particular order, here’s our advice…

#1: Choose your WiPs wisely

Birgit and Laura say, “Include no more than one or two of your less favourite projects. If you’re not enjoying them it will just feel like hard work! The rest of your projects should be ones you love to work on and which you’re excited about finishing.”

#2: Set achievable goals

Hannah says, “Set yourself some easily reachable goals and once you’ve met them you may find it’s easy to keep going. Sometimes making the first step into something that seems daunting is the hardest part, especially if it’s something that seems tricky. Once you’re in the swing of it, it’s not as hard to stay moving!”

#3: Be realistic

Sam and Birgit say, “Think carefully about how much you want to put on your WiP list. Don’t feel pressure to commit to numerous WiPs. There is nothing more demotivating than a list that is too long or filled with too much. Put your possible WiPs on the table and consider which goals might be realistic – you don’t need to finish every chosen item! Maybe you knit 10 cm on project A, crochet one ball of yarn on project B and add a sleeve on project C. These are great aims and if you achieve them, they will motivate you to go on.”

#4: Don’t compare yourself to others

Charlie says, “Everyone is unique and in a different environment. Some people work, others don’t, some people have children, others don’t, some have to look after and care for friends and family, and others don’t. Everyone has different commitments, so to compare your progress to others really doesn’t help to motivate or encourage yourself. Instead, I believe in striving to be the best version of yourself that you can be.”

#5: Don’t be afraid to change

Hannah says, “If you’re really not feeling the joy of a big project, see if you can change it into something else. A blanket could become a cushion cover for example, or a shawl could stop at the size of a triangle scarf instead of growing into a blanket sized wrap. It can also help to visualise the finished project in your mind. When I do this I often remember how I felt about it when I started it and feel a fresh urge to Do The Thing.”

#6: Make some friends

Sam and Laura say, “As this is a fun WIP along, make some new friends along the way. Offer encouragement to others and be kind. You could even go a step further and pair up with a buddy to keep you accountable – check in with each other, find out how progress is going, cheer each other on and celebrate successes!”

#7: Challenge yourself

Carrie says, “Work out of your skill level. I used to be intimidated by patterns that said anything above Easy but that kept me from growing as an artist. I started getting patterns not based on skill level, but the joy I found in the finished product. I’ve greatly increased what I can do because I stopped limiting myself based on a pattern rating.”

#8: Get organised

Sams says, “Make sure you have all the supplies you need prior to the WIP along. We all know how frustrating it is to run out of yarn or not have everything you need for a project.”

And Carrie says, “Never underestimate the benefits of a gauge swatch, especially when making clothing. Yarn size can vary quite a bit within the same weight category. Making a swatch will save you tons of heartache in the end!”

#9: Get creative

Laura and Birgit say, “Yes, you’re already creative – but chances are, you tend to stick with one particular type of craft. Sometimes working with something different can spark more creative ideas. So if you generally knit, why not try a small sewing project; if you paint, why not try making a sculpture? Or choose something entirely different – plan a tea afternoon with your neighbours, make a cake for someone who is need of some caring attention, write snail mails to your friends etc. These activities will round your Marching Forward WAL in a very positive way.”

#10: Enjoy yourself!

Sam and Charlie say, “This is a fun WiP along. Craft should be enjoyable. Pick projects that make you happy. If a project isn’t giving you happiness, put it down and choose another. If you weren’t enjoying a book, you wouldn’t read it anyway… If a film was boring, you’d turn it off. Life is too short and a hobby should bring joy. Pick WiPs that make you smile!”


Bonus tip: Treat yourself!

Carrie says, “At least twice a year, make something just for yourself. It doesn’t even need to be practical and certainly not perfect! Allow yourself some grace and spend the time to make yourself a treasure to keep.”

If these great tips have inspired you, why not join our Marching Forward WiP-Along? March is going to be so productive – and so much fun!

2 thoughts on “WiP Tips – WAL18”

  1. Great tips ladies! This WiP-Along, I an trying to finish a bunch of little Wip, instead of focusing on several large projects. I am excited to see all of the wonderful creations out there.


    1. Getting a whole lot of little WiPs will be so satisfying! And it’s so much fun working on things alongside others – hope you enjoy it!

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