Cinnamon topped banana bread

This morning I noticed that I had some bananas turning black in my fruit bowl. I really don’t like eating overripe bananas, so the only option was to bake banana bread! I’ve not made any for years, so had to go searching for a recipe. Thank goodness for Pinterest! I came across this recipe for Cinnamon Crunch Banana Bread by Coco and Ash. In my opinion, everything is made more delicious by adding cinnamon!

I was a little reluctant at first as the recipe uses cups rather than weight measurements, and any time I’ve tried to follow recipes using cups they’ve not turned out well! Thankfully, this is the exception. The recipe was easy to follow and in no time the delicious smell of cinnamon wafting from the oven started to fill the house.

The crunchy topping is just delicious! I used demerara sugar instead of white, and probably used more butter than I was supposed to (measuring butter in tablespoons was a step too far, so I just guessed and cut a big chunk off the end of the block!).

I was glad I lined the tin, as it rose higher than I expected. The extra baking parchment that hung over the edges stopped it from making a mess on the bottom of the oven!

I was planning to take this to work tomorrow, but I’ve already scoffed a large slice while it was still hot from the oven and think I might need another piece with a cup of tea this afternoon. Just to make sure it tastes good when it’s cold. And I could also have some for pudding after dinner…

It may not last until tomorrow.

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