Family heirloom

I absolutely love family history. I also love old furniture. So when my uncle emailed to ask if I’d like a roll top desk that used to belong to Great Aunty Gwen, I leapt at the chance without even knowing what it looked like or how big it was!

Roll top desk

Thankfully, it’s the perfect size for the space under the stairs. It’s been in my house for a grand total of two days and I already love the space that it’s become. It hasn’t had time to become covered in clutter (as my upstairs desk has) and I love the ’emptiness’ of it. For the last two mornings it has been part of my ‘recovering from Christmas’, ‘slow down’ routine – I’ve sat here with a cup of tea, an audio book and colouring. It’s been complete bliss.

Roll top desk presentation plaque

Originally, the desk was presented to my Great-Great Grandfather. I love that the date is inscribed – with most of the furniture I’ve inherited I have no idea how old it is, just that it’s older than me! I also love the fact that even though this desk is so old it still feels really sturdy. It was obviously built to last!

Roll top desk cubby holes

Look at these cute little cubby holes and drawers. There are so many things that I could put in them, but I’m in no rush to crowd the space with ‘things’. I’ll see what ends up there over time.

Roll top desk cubby holes

I love how it’s worn in places, signs of lots of use over the years. The scratches and dents on the surface add character that’s lacking from new furniture.

Roll top desk lock

And just look at this beautiful lock! It’s so stylish and elegant!

One more thing I wish I could share with you is the smell. You’ll probably think I’m completely nutty (you wouldn’t be far wrong!) but I love the smell of old furniture. It’s probably just years’ worth of dust and polish, but it’s something that stirs up memories of being a small child hiding under the sideboard at home, or playing with my cousins in the Granny flat. It’s funny how a smell can bring images to mind that you’ve not thought about for years and seem totally unrelated to the smell…

Anyway, for now I’m completely happy to be remembering old things and ready to create new memories here at this gorgeous old desk.

Roll top desk

5 thoughts on “Family heirloom”

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  2. Roger & Mary Stevenson

    We’re glad that it’s so loved by another family member. Long may you two be happy together! It looks perfect under the stairs and fits in so nicely with the age of your home as well. Enjoy it for many years. Happy 2017 Laura and keep up your craftiness! Lots of love. x

    1. Thank you for passing it on to me – I’ll look after it well until it’s time for it to be passed on to the next person! In the meantime, I’m sure we’ll be happy together for many years to come! I’ve enjoyed sitting at it every day this week and it’s already feeling like a lovely, cosy place to work. Happy new year x

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