Mini Christmas wreath

For the last few years my friend Ness and I have hosted a Christmas craft evening. It’s always a fun get together with festive music, delicious food and great conversation. However, it’s getting harder to think of crafts that we haven’t done before! Thank goodness for Pinterest! I came across this idea here and made my own version…

Start with a curtain ring and twine. I used this lovely green twine, but regular twine would look just as good! Of course, you could also use wool or ribbon. I used about 2.5m of string (I started off with a shorter length and ran out about an inch from the end – so annoying!)

Mini wreath

Use a glue dot or glue gun to secure the end of the string near the hook. Wind the string a few times around the hook in different directions to make sure there are no gaps showing. Then wind the string around the ring.

Mini wreath winding

When you get back to the beginning, tie the end securely around the hook with a couple of knots.

Mini wreath knot

Cut the end fairly close to the knot, then secure it with a glue gun.

mini wreath knot

Cover the glue with a bow and add buttons or beads.

Mini wreath finished


I’d love to see your versions if you decide to make one. Either share it to my Facebook page ( or tag me on Instagram (@goslingplumb).

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