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Those of you who used to read my old blog (Cute as a Button) may remember that I used to be a teacher. You may not know, however, that I haven’t been teaching since January this year. There were a range of reasons and situations which led to my decision, most of them were fairly small by themselves, but when added together meant that I was no longer happy in my job.

Leaving was definitely the right decision, but there are times when I really miss the actual teaching. I don’t mean the part where I was gathering data or the part where I was endlessly marking books, I mean the part where I got to spend time with the kids helping them to do something they’d never done before. Thankfully, there are still occasional opportunities to teach!

Spanish team
I spent this last week with a team in Spain, working with an amazing couple called Ken and Alison. Alison was busy making coffee one day and we were chatting as she worked. She asked what I like to do to relax and I replied that I really enjoy crochet. Alison’s head shot up in excitement. “You crochet? Could you teach me to make granny squares?”

Well, with such an enthusiastic student, how could I say no?! The following day we both turned up to Kofi Jaus with our yarn and crochet hooks. A couple of the other girls on the team also wanted to learn to crochet, so we spent a very happy morning chatting and stitching together.

Thankfully one of the other girls on the team can crochet, so she was a huge help when it came to demonstrating stitches out helping our students know what to do next.

It was a lovely morning and a great reminder that even though I’m no longer a teacher by profession, I’ll always be a teacher at heart.

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