Welcome to the Marching Forward WiP-Along!

This post is rather long and rambling, so just scroll to the bottom for the key points if you don’t have time for the waffle!

It’s true – the WiP-Along is back!

Last October I co-hosted a WiP-Along on Instagram with Charlie (@lovecharlie.co/www.lovecharlie.co) and we had such a great time! Our intention was to connect with people as part of a supportive community, to enable them to share their frustrations, ask for help, celebrate successes – all whilst working on their own individual projects. So many people got involved and everyone was so kind and lovely and encouraging to one another. You can read more about our Autumn WiP-Along here.

Anyway, it was a really productive month, a lot of progress was made on a lot of WiPs. But time moves on, the WiPs get put to one side (again), enthusiasm wanes, other aspects of life take over… For one reason or another those WiPs start piling up again.

It seems I’m not the only one to have fresh piles of WiPs lurking in dark corners. A few people on Instagram started asking if the WiP-Along was going to be running again any time soon. I’d already been pondering the possibility in the back of my mind, but when people started asking I decided to take action. Now, the Autumn WiP-Along was a lot of fun, but both Charlie and I found it quite hard work at times, just trying to keep on top of everything that was going on. The way forward seemed obvious – let’s share the load and have more hosts! So our March WiP-Along will be hosted by the following fabulous people:

Birgit @neat_sweet_petite

Carrie @harold_and_claude

Charlie @lovecharlie.co

Hannah @andintothetrees

Sam @nans_olive_torana

And myself, Laura @goslingandplumb

The six of us have already spent a fair bit of time planning for the WiP-Along and will be regularly posting updates and hosting different themes through March. We’ll be as diligent as we can in responding to your posts and comments, checking the hashtag #MarchingForwardWAL18 along the way.

One of the  best things about this WiP-Along is that it’s not limited to one particular craft – you can join in with whatever it is that you need to work on! It could be a nearly completed knitted jumper, a not-quite-there crochet hat, a half finished painting, a neglected photography project, a lingering embroidery hoop, a tangled pile of threads you’ve been meaning to sort out, an I-started-this-years-ago scrapbook layout, the decorating in the spare room that you’ve been putting off… Anything goes!

Key points:

  • The Marching Forward WiP-Along will run from Thursday 1st – Saturday 31st March and is co-hosted by myself and all the lovely ladies listed above.
  • The six hosts will be posting to Instagram and blogging (for those who have blogs!) about our own WiPs during the WAL, as well as sharing the work of others that catch our eye – make sure you tag us so we can see what you’re working on!
  • Join in on Instagram with the hashtag #MarchingForwardWAL18 or share your work on your blog or other social media.
  • All of the hosts are super lovely people – please do get in touch with us if you need help/ advice/ support/ encouragement and we’ll do what we can!
  • Enjoy the process and be kind to yourself – this is about helping and supporting each other, not about making people feel even more guilty about those unfinished projects!

In preparation for the WiP-Along, I’ll be sharing some of our top tips over on Instagram as well as offering you some fabulous free printables to help you get organised.

We’re all so excited about this WiP-Along and we can’t wait for you to join us!

5 thoughts on “Welcome to the Marching Forward WiP-Along!”

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    1. It’s all happening over on Instagram – just draw up a list of what you want to work on (post a pic of it if you want to), then work on those projects through March. It’s all about getting stuff done in a supportive and encouraging group – and it’s a lot of fun!

  2. Yes! Lovely idea, I‘ll try to figure out which WIPs to finish next – I have quite a few – and looking forward to all the beautiful WIPs of our fellow crafters 🙂

    1. Yay, it’s great to have you with us! The last WiP-Along was so much fun – it was great to see so many people making progress on their projects! 🙂

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