Marching Forward WiP-Along Printables

So, you’ve decided to join the WiP-Along – and we’re delighted to have you in our gang! To help you organise your time and WiPs, we’ve come up with a couple of printables. Use just one or all three – or use your own system!

The very clever Charlie ( has created this fab WiP-Along Calendar. During the last WAL I initially used my calendar plan which WiPs I would work on each day, but ended up using it more as a progress log – I’d jot down which WiPs I’d worked on each day and how much progress I’d made. It helped motivate me to keep going on those big projects where you seem to work on the same thing forever without moving forwards! And the notes section on the side was a useful place to jot down my WiP list. It was handy having everything in one place!

Marching Forward WAL Calendar

Since the last WiP-Along I have discovered bullet journalling and one of my favourite pages is my WiP List Bingo!

I picked my top 9 WiPs, ones which will (hopefully) take no more than two months to complete, and added them to my grid. Each time I finish one of my WiPs I colour it in. And to add to the fun I chose a couple of rewards! I’ve created a printable version of my bingo grid especially for the WiP Along:

Marching Forward WAL Bingo

The small squares next to each of the nine in the grid were inspired by Bianca @bianscha on Instagram. She marked each of her bingo grid projects with 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% – a great way to mark smaller steps of progress along the way. Of course, you could always just colour the small squares in pretty colours if you don’t want to use them as percentage markers!

And just because there are nine squares does not mean that you need to choose nine WiPs to work on – that’s a lot in the space of a month! If you’re planning to work on one big projects, why not set yourself some smaller goals to help you keep track of progress? For example, if you’re making a quilt you could have goals such as buy fabric, cut x number of shapes by the end of the first week, have x number of motifs joined by the end of the second week, etc.

Or if you’re planning to work on four smaller projects, why not record those in four of the squares, then doodle in the other five squares?! Or include other things you want to achieve during the month (e.g. walk more than 10,000 steps per day for five days running, learn a new recipe, have a picnic with friends…) This is your grid – make it work for you!

And finally, a weekly planner. The calendar is great for having an overview of the whole month, but the boxes are pretty small, so the planner could work for you if you need a little more space for more detailed notes.

Marching Forward WAL Planner

I hope you find some of these useful – I’d love to see your versions if you use them, or anything else you come up with to record your WiPs and keep you motivated. Have fun!